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     Delivering accurate real estate valuations is an absolute necessity for successful residential and business property tax appeals. Also, use this as a little known side-hustle, with little to no competition. Property tax consulting delivers high contingency commissions as a work-from-home business using our professional property tax reduction course. 5th grade math skills and you're on your way.

     Learn more about this multi-trillion dollar, much needed procedure (an under-the-radar service). Government assessment mistakes are almost guaranteed. You can create accurate, real estate market valuations for winning property tax appeals helping yourself & others from remaining over-assessed casualties. 

     I DON’T KNOW IF YOU KNOW THIS OR NOT, Studies SHOW:  40 – 60% of all properties in the U.S. are over assessed? THE REASON IS, Most municipality budgets are tight and don’t conduct timely, and more important, in-depth property tax assessment appraisals. A professional real estate appraisal cost about $300 dollars to $425 (see ** below) that will compare a multitude of similar type homes, apply adjustment category valuation differences and arrive at a defendable and accurate valuation conclusion.  Our course puts that power into your hands.

    Cities and municipalities do a property tax appraisal on the cheap. The municipal tax assessment job is placed out for a low bid. That assessment winning bidder needs to do his work hastily. The bidder has expenses, overhead and needs to earn a profit. The budget allocation for a mass appraisal is perhaps $25 per home and with the low-cost bidder needing to meet a deadline. Hasty derived valuation and even previous assessed rates are often rolled over.

     Rarely do property owners appeal property taxes. They are like believing sheep in a gated structure not questioning a hastily drawn jurisdictional assessment say so. These sheep do not question authority, perhaps virtue signaling behind masks, causing cushy authorities many nods and smiles.

 ** Consider what a profession real estate appraiser will charge. I entered "average real estate appraisal cost" into Google and got this answer: "The average cost of a real estate appraisal is $300 to $425 for a single-family home or condo. Most home sellers pay about $350 for the appraisal, which is usually included with other closing costs. Appraisers in large cities with high labor costs charge closer to $500 to $800 for a home appraisal."

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The course is updated every year and comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

Also, if you're looking for a work from home side business with little to no competition, no license required except in Texas, as a Property Tax Consultant for residential as well as commercial businesses, one can earn high contingency commissions.

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